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Hello this is the Weekly PHP Classes newsletter of Saturday - 2024-07-20

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    Innovation award results

    Nominees to win the award of June of 2024

    Class: PHPInfo Guard
    Description: Protected replacement for the phpinfo() function
    Author: Eric Jumba
    Country: United States

    Class: QR Code PHP
    Description: Process decoded QR Code received from the browser
    Author: Marcelo Telles
    Country: Brazil

    Class: Protected PHPInfo
    Description: Show PHPInfo function output on a protected page
    Author: Faris AL-Otabi
    Country: Saudi Arabia

    Class: Emask Notifier
    Description: Send SMS messages using an API and notify by email
    Author: Chun-Sheng, Li
    Country: Taiwan

    Class: Fast Pages
    Description: Generate HTML for several types of pages
    Author: Rodrigo Faustino
    Country: Brazil

    Class: IrisSG Technical Test
    Description: Convert spreadsheet column letters to numbers
    Author: András Zoltán-Gyárfás
    Country: Romania

    Class: Strategy Pattern Example
    Description: Add a competition strategy to model classes
    Author: András Zoltán-Gyárfás
    Country: Romania

    Class: APL Test
    Description: Process large CSV files using Laravel queues
    Author: András Zoltán-Gyárfás
    Country: Romania

    Class: Feature Flag
    Description: Enable and disable features of Laravel application
    Author: Mohamed Ahmed
    Country: Egypt

    Class: Font Awesome Gutenberg Picker
    Description: Use Font Awesome Icons on WordPress posts
    Author: Victor Andeloci
    Country: Brazil

    Class: Laravel Middleman
    Description: Improve the security of HTTP request responses
    Author: The Algoslingers
    Country: Ghana

    Class: Yii2 Giitwig
    Description: Implement CRUD applications using Twig templates
    Author: Insolita
    Country: Russian Federation



    • Latest package entries

    • Simple Laravel Ecommerce

      Picture of Adeleye Ayodeji
      Author: Adeleye Ayodeji
      Date: 2024-07-19 (1 day ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, E-Commerce, Libraries, Applications
      Description: This package provides an E-commerce application to expose seller products.

      It implements a Web application that lets sellers show their products.

      Currently, it can:

      - Allows users to log in with their accounts

      - Show a page with a list of products

      - Show page with the details of a product

      - Show a page with a list of products with names that match search terms entered by the users
    • aaPanel Autocreate Subsite

      Picture of Alfredo Rodriguez
      Author: Alfredo Rodriguez
      Date: 2024-07-18 (2 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Systems administration, Web services, Hosting
      Description: This package can manage sites hosted in a server using aaPanel.

      It can send HTTP requests to the aaPanel API Web server to perform several operations to manage sites that the aaPanel installation can control.

      Currently, it can:

      - Add a new site that can work with a given language and version like for instance PHP

      - Add a database

      - Add a FTP account

      - Add, delete, and modify a site sub-domain

      - Upload and unzip a given zip archive

      - Force the site to serve pages only using HTTPS

      - Enable an SSL certificate

      - Add a site list

      - Delete, disable, and enable a site

      - Import a database using a SQL file

      - Etc...
    • Rand UA

      Picture of Cauę Santana
      Author: Cauę Santana
      Date: 2024-07-17 (3 days ago)
      Groups: HTTP, Testing, PHP 7
      Description: This class can generate browser user agent strings to test sites.

      It can take the identification of an operating system and user browser type, and generate the User-Agent header string value that can be used to simulate an HTTP request sent to a site Web server.

      The class can generate a random User-Agent header string value from a list of supported browser identifications.

      Currently, it supports the browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Apple Safari.
    • Laravel Simple Validation

      Picture of Chun-Sheng, Li
      Author: Chun-Sheng, Li
      Date: 2024-07-16 (4 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Libraries, Validation
      Description: This package can add validation rules to use in the Laravel application.

      It provides a class that implements several validation rules and can be used to validate values passed to requests processed by a Laravel application.

      Currently it can validate:

      - String values

      - Email addresses

      - IP addresses

      - String value length
    • Book Lib

      Picture of Okanlawon Anuoluwapo
      Author: Okanlawon Anuoluwapo
      Date: 2024-07-16 (4 days ago)
      Groups: Content management, PHP 7, Applications
      Description: This package provides an application to manage a book library and book authors.

      It provides a Web site that lets users perform several types of operations with books in a library and the respective authors.

      It lets users perform operations like list, add, show, update, and destroy book authors and records.
    • D3 Logger

      Picture of Uldis Nelsons
      Author: Uldis Nelsons
      Date: 2024-07-15 (5 days ago)
      Groups: Files and Folders, Logging, PHP 8
      Description: This package can log messages to files that rotate up to a limit.

      It calls the Monolog class to log messages of different types like info, debug, notice, warning, error, critical, alert, and emergency.

      The log messages are stored in a given directory and automatically rotate to create multiple log files.

      The package is configured to limit the number of stored log files. Older log files are deleted when the log file limit is reached.

    • Auto-Price

      Picture of The Algoslingers
      Author: The Algoslingers
      Date: 2024-07-14 (6 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, E-Commerce, User Management, Finances
      Description: This class can adjust prices based on the current user location.

      It uses a Web service to determine the user country based on the IP address of the computer that the user is using to access the current site Web pages.

      The class returns a factor number that determines the factor that the prices of products should be multiplied to adjust those prices according to the user country.
    • Minimal Singleton

      Picture of Ahmad Mustapha
      Author: Ahmad Mustapha
      Date: 2024-07-13 (7 days ago)
      Groups: Language, Design Patterns, PHP 8
      Description: This package can show how to create only one object of class.

      It provides a singleton helper class that can store a single object of a given class and return the same object every time it is called to return the singleton.

      The package also provides an example class that uses the singleton helper class to ensure that only one object of that class exists.